About Us


CV. Printis Mitra Mandiri Sukses Grows and develops in the midst of the community and farmers when coconut coir does not have value and attention, Long before this company was established and registered since 2017. Our efforts have carried out production, studies and observations on coconut coir waste to be able to provide economic value and meet the needs of the community for agriculture, industry and mining in East Kalimantan, over time and with good opportunities our company expands its market abroad. And until now we are here to meet your needs and narrow the economic gap between farmers and others.


Corporate Overview

Our business has many cooperative relationships with companies in East Kalimantan and abroad through a long process to be able to survive and develop as a sustainable and consistent supply company to meet consumer needs, we always innovate and upgrade supporting machines to suit our needs. the needs of our partners. And we are always creating new products to meet the needs of the global market.


Our Vision

Community Empowerment and The Use of Economic Value Coconut Coir Waste

Our Mission


Welfare of coconut farmers and local communities


Growing the local economy


Building relationships between the coconut fiber industry, the community and the government to realize economic independence and skills-based economy

Our Factory

Our Warehouse