CV. Printis Mitra Mandiri Sukses

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CV. Printis Mitra Mandiri Sukses

grows and develops in the midst of the community and farmers when coconut coir does not have value and attention, Long before this company was established and registered since 2017. Our efforts have carried out production, studies and observations on coconut coir waste to be able to provide economic value ...

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Our Product

Cocofiber Bales

Cocofiber is used for industrial ropes, mattresses, vehicle seats, and others cocofiber material is very friendly to the environment


Cocopeat is very good for plants because it can store water reserves with good absorption. Cocopeat is widely used for industrial plantations and urban communities


Compost is used for agriculture and gardens which can fertilize your land

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Jalan Suryanta Ruko Bukit Pinang No. 3
Samarinda Ulu, Kota Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia


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